2019 – 2020 / Solo exhibition


The fear of God, the fear of emptiness, the veneration of death are concepts I come across in my works. I attempted to be more personal and sincere in my painting, ignoring beautification.

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Walking Dead

Third Prize Award

2018 / Group exhibition


An art fair organized by Fox and M Art based on Walking Dead TV series.

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2012 – 2013 / Solo exhibition


Apnous is an Ancient Greek word that means living without breathing.

Having in mind a phrase by Morales, who said that “an artist must deal with the situations of his time” I rest my work on contemporary events in an effort to create images that remain “Unforgettable” to the viewer. In order to awaken, judge and comment on situations we live in I use symbolic elements in my work such as gas masks and hoods. 

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Silent Cries

2009 / Solo exhibition


A work about absence and loneliness. Dedicated to my father.

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Nude Studies

2007 / Studies


Early nude studies.

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